A Dress That's By The Book

There’s something romantic about a hint of black lace on a white wedding dress. A black ribbon around the waist can add modern fabulousness. And black embellishments can turn a simple fit and flair into a funky “wow” gown.

But this wedding dress has black detailing that’s, well, a little more scholarly.

Art students at Louisville Middle School “upcycled” old library books to create a bridal gown fit for a very small literature lover. Art teacher Lori Llerandi said a group of girls in her class tackled the endeavor all on their own.

“This is a group of highly motivated students,” Llerandi said. “I did very, very little. I ended up just fixing the sewing machine a lot.”

After discovering an art construction book called Playing with Books by Jason Thompson, Llerandi helped her students with projects, such as creating wallets, scarves and vases. A wedding dress, however, was not mentioned in the book.

“The wedding dress was all their own,” Llerandi said. “They had no pattern. They designed the dress on paper and some of the girls started weaving the bodice, some of the girls were on the sewing machine and some did the bouquet.”

Llerandi has already received a call about showcasing the dress at the Louisville Library to promote upcycling books. Though her class often works with recycled material, she said, this project gave them a new perspective.

“You can make incredible things out of recycled or upcycled products,” Llerandi said. “We’re always thinking green. But this project also gave kids a chance to think about what to do with their old books.”




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