Florist Speed Dating

When choosing your florist you get a 30–40 minute consultation, some prices and loads of information. The real question is, do you like this florist? Do you like their style? Will they treat you well? How do you know?

I know it feels like speed dating, but you will have a relationship with this person. Even if you choose the best in the field, like Preston Bailey, the floral designers style may not match your style. You don’t want to find yourself saying, “Nice flowers. I wonder whose they are. They can’t be mine. They’re nothing like the ones I ordered.”

Just because I see loads of arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets, I would never presume to know more than a florist. That’s why I am doing “Question and Answer Time” with my in-house florist, the amazing Kristen Hengstenberg.

Not only did Kristen major in landscape design at ESF Syracuse University, but she spent five months in Florence honing her floral design craft. She moved back to the US and continued the floral tradition started by her family.


Kristen, what do you think the best ways to locate a florist are?

I would say referrals from your other vendors. Just ask them. Call for your appointment, make sure the florist who you call will be available for your wedding day.

What do you think are the three most important questions/qualities a bride needs to ask/look for in a florist?

That is a great question… I have put a lot of thought into this answer and came up with this: I would look for the three V’s.

Visionary — Someone who will listen to your visions, embellish and make them into a reality. That will come up with a suitable substitution if the flower variety is not available.

Value — Let’s face the truth, “bang for the buck” does matter. It does not in anyway mean “cheap.” Your florist should have enough experience working with budgets to make realistic suggestions based on your needs. Think quality not quantity.

Vavoom — The “wow” factor. Trust, trust, trust…you need that. Know that the designer you choose will make the best decisions and suggestions for you. You will be amazed at your stress reduction!

How much time do you spend with our clients?

As much time that is needed. We communicate in the beginning through phone conversation or a one-on-one consultation. From there, typically email. There have been times where I meet the bride for the first time on her wedding day, but we have actually known each other for quite some time.

What do you think is the coolest trend is this year?

Texture seems to be the route: from the fuzzy apple green tufts of the green trick dianthus to the bold, succulent look of the echiveria rosette. I can go on and on.

What information should brides be armed with when meeting with you?

Bring the binder! Pictures are great. Think of your theme. Sleek and sophisticated, mountain meadow… Have your colors in mind. It is very difficult for designers to inspire you when you do not have any thoughts or ideas.

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