Love Grows Where My Invite Goes

Bloomin Invites and More

One of our sales reps tossed a folder on my desk a couple weeks ago, and I didn’t peek inside until today (I get a lot of things thrown on my desk). Little did I know, had it sat there much longer, the folder and all its content could have eventually sprouted.

Bloomin, 3080 Valmont Rd. in Boulder, specializes in “seed paper.” It’s 100 percent recycled, post-consumer paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds. The ink is biodegradable and does not affect the seeds.

So, yes, your guests can basically plant your invites, your envelopes or your save the dates. No waste. No enviro-guilt. And lots and lots of wildflowers will sprout up in your name (which is just so romantic, isn’t it?).

Plus, there are some pretty cool styles, designs and colors for the paper. We love the Hawthorne Suite…can you get anymore Colorado than that?