Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

As a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist, I do what I do not only because I love it but because I see the value in it. On your wedding day, you’re running around like a mad woman. Are the flowers here? Is the cake on its way? Are the tables and chairs set up? Does everyone know what they’re supposed to do? Do all the bridesmaids dresses fit? Does anyone know where grandma is? The caterers want to know where to deliver the food, the cake needs to be placed perfectly, the chaos at the venue is in full swing, and even with a wedding planner at your side, your input for the day is needed periodically and consistently, until the time you walk down the aisle and say “I do.”

Still, you’ve been dealing with your own face and hair since you were a little girl. However, I guarantee that your wedding day will be the one time that your naturally shiny and perfect hair will morph into a state of frizz, and your bridesmaids will play connect-the-dots with your stress-induced breakout—leaving you with unnecessary iritation and frustration to deal with. As the lovely bride, you need to enjoy the opportunity of sitting in a chair and feeling like a princess on your big day, while a beauty professional smoothes your hair into a beautiful style and creates a look of subtle glamour for your special day.

Aside from the privilege of being doted on by having a stylist and artist to work with, there are so many other advantages to hiring someone to take care of your hair and makeup.

Professional Products: You are used to your usual routine, and the products you carry in your purse are more than enough to appease your comfort level for work, school and daily life. However, on your wedding day it is important to allow a professional to use a combination of products that are meant to last and withstand the rigorous pace of the day.

Proper Skin Prep:  Underneath the look of beauty that is created just for you, it is important to ensure that each moment is flawless. By utilizing the proper application and combination of skin moisturizers, primers and hair products that are used by professionals, each smile for the camera and hug to each guest will be equally composed and put together.  The compliments will flow in excess, and your look will last through the final table dance by your great Uncle Leroy.

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