Bridal Fusion

Flipping through the glossy pages of a bridal magazine, a bride-to-be can’t help but earmark her favorite dresses, hairstyles, accessories, makeup ideas—so many that before she knows it, she’s picked 32 dresses, eight hairstyles and six shades of eye shadow. There are so many gorgeous looks to sort through and choosing the perfect pieces for your big day can become downright overwhelming.

One of the most widely shared pieces of advice given to brides, just before they walk down the aisle is: Make sure you look like yourself on your wedding day. A great tip  for those brides who find themselves struggling to narrow down their choices. But amidst the shopping and the planning and the hunting for all of the perfect bridal components, it is important to remember to have fun and to try to create a look that will make you feel like your most beautiful, comfortable self. Have a ton of different pieces to choose from? Why not mix and match and go with your own personal bridal fusion creation. Consider putting together some gorgeous combos from this list.



-A vintage Lace sheath dress with cap sleeves

-A sixties inspired short, retro dress

-A willowy bohemian dress

-A curve hugging mermaid gown

Hair Styles:

-A sleek and simple updo

-A long, undone curly style

-A loose, romantic half updo

-A structured updo with a flower accessory


-Bejeweled sandals

-Turquoise drop earrings

-Antique Sterling Silver and Pearl Brooch

-Cowboy boots

-Distressed Leather Bomber Jacket

Makeup and Miscellaneous:

-Burgundy Nails

-Smoky eye shadow

-Coral cheeks

-Classic Red lips

-Mauve lips

-Matte face

Check out these gorgeous combos and get inspired:

Free Spirited Romantic

A willowy bohemian dress with a long undone curly style, turquoise drop earrings, coral cheeks and a distressed leather bomber jacket.

Classic Bride with a Wild Side

A vintage lace sheath dress with cap sleeves, a sleek and simple updo, an antique silver and pearl brooch, cowboy boots and burgundy nails

Fun and Sexy Bride

A curve hugging mermaid gown with a loose, romantic half updo, smoky eyes, mauve lips, an antique silver and pearl brooch and bejeweled sandals.

Timeless Beauty

A sixties inspired short, retro dress, a structured updo with a flower accessory, Turquoise drop earrings, Mauve lips, Matte face