The Edible Wedding Favor

Teeny Tiny Frames and monogrammed shot glasses are out. The new and improved wedding favor is a local, edible gift that your guests can thoroughly enjoy. Savory or sweet, check out some of our favorite ideas for the perfect edible favor for your event.

1. Spices: Concocting a delicious blend of spices that is unique to your wedding locale and season is a great way to remind your guests of your celebration long after it’s over. Every time they open their spice cupboard for a pinch of flavor, they’ll reach for your delicious favor and be grateful for your fine taste.

2. Dried Herbs: Dried Lavender and Rosemary are not only delicious gifts, but they are also beautiful decorations for your guest’s tables. Tie stems of dried flowers and herbs with hemp twine or ribbon for a rustic touch.

3. Pickled Vegetables: Are you and your betrothed foodies? Gifting your wedding guests with miniature jars of pickled vegetables like asparagus, jalapenos or cucumbers is a great way to share your love of gourmet treats.



4. Honey: Having a country wedding? Give your friends and family personalized jars of sweet, local honey to bring back with them after the evening is over.

5. Preserves: If you and your sweetie are having a brunch soiree, try sharing different flavors of preserves, jellies or jams with your guests and they’ll be grateful for the sweet treat.

6. Cookies: Sometimes, the perfect favor is a simple one. Have a favorite bakery in town? Why not have personalized wedding cookies at everyone’s seats- the perfect nosh after an evening of dancing and fun.

7. Chocolates: No, not the pastel, chalky almonds- gourmet, decadent chocolates with caramel and butter cream and macadamia nuts. Treat your wedding guests to some of your favorite chocolate goodies and they’ll go home with smiles on their faces.

8. Olive Oil: Or Truffle Oil, or Sunflower Oil…even Balsamic Vinegar. Personalize your labels with the date and location of your wedding and your friends and family will think of you every time they dress their salad or cook a fine meal.

9. Wine: Weddings are a time of celebration. Let the spirits flow freely and encourage lots of toasting. Offer miniature (or full sized) bottles of wine at each seat and your guests will be thrilled. Although it may be on the more expensive side, wine as a wedding favor is undoubtedly, always a big hit.

10. Pasta Sauce: Weddings are a time for families to come together. Choosing a favor that blends the best of both sides will be a quaint and delicious symbol of your love- that might come in the form of a delicious pasta sauce, homemade loaves of bread or biscuits or even a family recipe barbeque sauce.