Think outside the chapel

Some girls dream of getting married in a little white chapel or walking down the aisle of their childhood church, but for brides-to-be who are looking for an alternative to the traditional church wedding, check out some of our favorite places to exchange rings.

1. Restaurant – For some happy couples, a favorite restaurant can hold a lot of sentimental meaning for their relationship. Whether it was where they first met their betrothed or a favorite weekly date night locale, a restaurant wedding can be intimate, warm and comfortable for both the bride and groom and all of their guests. An added bonus—wedding attendees won’t have to travel far to enjoy a delicious reception meal.

2. Art Gallery – Hosting your nuptials in an art gallery, whether contemporary, classical or abstract can cut out a ton of the leg work when preparing and space planning for your big event. Surrounded by beautiful paintings, sculptures and installations, the ceremony and reception are sure to be a breathtaking affair.

3. Monument – Getting married at a historical monument—say the steps of your state’s Capitol building—can make for a memorable and picturesque event. Monuments are generally known for being prestigious and regal, so for couples who are looking for a scene with a little pomp and circumstance, a monument could be a great choice.

4. Museum – What could be more grand than exchanging vows with your partner surrounded by exotic exhibits. With marble floors, warmly lit galleries and plenty of discussion starters, guests will be hard pressed not to enjoy the cultured celebration.

5. Nature – Whether on the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico or a rustic, Northwestern wooded forest gully, orchestrated by the sweet songs of nature’s most beautiful noises, fresh breezes, songbirds, waves lapping up the beach- getting married in a natural setting leaves seemingly endless possibilities for your wedding event.