Venue Spotlight: Studio Loft

Last week, I wrote about loft-like wedding venues on the Front Range of Colorado. I’m absolutely in love with this style of space for a Colorado wedding. That’s because I don’t like to do what’s expected.

I’ve begun learning this about myself as I’ve started this crazy planning process. I have friends who just assume I want a mountain wedding—complete with Mason jars, cowboy boots and tree stumps. But the truth is, I’m just not that kind of girl, and frankly, just because you’re a Colorado bride doesn’t mean you need a wedding that’s so literal. That’s why I love venues like The Studio Loft: They have an casual, urban and slightly rustic vibe. It’s very Colorado—without screaming “purple mountain’s majesty.”

But I digress. After I wrote the blog, I got an email from Victoria of Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House with additional photos of The Studio Loft. And I thought I’d share these images, including a couple for a New Year’s Eve wedding at the venue. Perfect for any Colorado bride like me.

To learn more, email Victoria with KTRG or call 303-867-0671.