A Colorado Wedding: From bride and beau, eclectic elegance with DIY touches

When Caroline Padden (then Rydberg) began researching ideas for her fall wedding, she was glued to bridal blogs and magazines. “I looked through all this stuff. Then I stepped back and realized that I did not want to do any of this stuff,” she said. “The No. 1 thing I wanted was for it to be fun…and to wear a pretty dress.”

With the help of Calluna Events, Caroline and Joey Padden crafted an artsy, eclectic wedding at Boulder’s St. Julien Hotel—with DIY touches, cupcakes and a band that seriously rocked.


Caroline and Joey worked with A Brighter Day Floral to create a floral scheme with lots of bright colors and “wild-looking flowers.” A little funky and incredibly bold, Caroline wanted to pair her favorite color, yellow, with pinks and oranges to create an anti-fall fall wedding.


Caroline spent hours adding crafty touches to the ceremony and reception. “I love to craft. I felt like if I crafted through silly stuff, why wouldn’t I put the effort into this? I felt more personally connected to it,” she said. Her invites were done by The Envelope Please, Boulder.


Joey and Caroline wanted cupcakes from local favorite, Tee & Cakes.  “I am a Tee & Cakes junkie. I go there every Saturday with my girlfriends.” They incorporated a lot of their local favorites throughout the wedding, including Illegal Pete’s burritos and local beer at the rehearsal dinner.


“What surprised me is how much I enjoyed the ceremony. …I thought it would be something to get through,” Caroline said. “But I was very much focused on the ceremony. I cried but I was able to look Joey in the eye. I didn’t really realize how much I would enjoy it.” Another stellar touch: The A Brighter Day Floral placed Aspen trees around the altar, to add to the color scheme and to give some extra Colorado flare. “We went to school here and have lived here for 10 years,” she said. “It’s our home and we wanted out-of-town guests to be in Boulder. We wanted to give the Boulder experience.”

Finishing Touches:

Calluna Events handled “day-of” wedding planning. Because Caroline had done a lot of the little touches (including the “I Do” programs), it was up to Heather Dwight and her crew to make sure all of the plans came together. Also, Caroline picked the St. Julien because the venue handles a lot of the details, including the food: pork tenderloin, chocolate truffles and more.


Caroline and Joey decorated tables with milk glass that beautifully contrasted with their vibrant flowers. “My mom had wanted to help with stuff for the wedding, and she kept asking what she could do,” she said. “I emailed my mom, sister and mother-in-law and asked them if they saw some milk glass to get it. My mom went on a whirlwind and bought 40 pieces in one weekend.”


Caroline offered a few pieces of advice for other brides. First of all, give your friends and family pre-wedding assignments. Even if it’s something small: Moms, sisters and best friends want to feel involved. Aside from making people feel good, it’s actually helpful. Have them search for vases, jars or dishware for centerpieces or ask them to help with putting together DIY touches, such as programs or name cards. Secondly, she said, don’t stress out. “Enjoy the moment, and if something goes wrong, don’t freak out,” she said.


The band was important to Caroline and Joey. They wanted to dance, and the couple ended up with the perfect local band: Soul School. “It was a major dance party. We definitely like to have a good time,” Caroline said. “We tend to get sweaty on the dance floor. When we get together, we all dance. It was all these people from all facets of our lives—family, friends, friends of the family—all on the dance floor fist pumping.”

The Details:

Wedding Planner: Calluna Events

Bride: Caroline Rydberg

Groom: Joey Padden

Ceremony Site/Church: St. Julien Hotel & Spa

Reception Site: St. Julien Hotel & Spa

Caterer: St. Julien Hotel & Spa

Baker: Tee & Cakes

Florist: Brighter Day Floral

Ceremony Musicians: Maddie Campbell

Photographer: Chad Moore Photography

Band: Soul School

Officiant: Eric Barr (friend)

Rehearsal Dinner Site: North Boulder Park

Make-up Artist: Nastashia Stromberg, The Face Lab

Photo Booth: Flatirons Photo Booth




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