Keep the Zilla Out of the Bride

1. A couple of DIY projects are good. Doing the flowers yourself is a big no. Let’s break down the wedding to things you absolutely have to pay for: the officiant, the marriage license, the ceremony venue, the reception venue, the rings, the dress, the floral arrangements, the photographer, the DJ, stationery (the save-the-dates, invitations, RSVPs and thank you cards) and finally the food. To do any of these items yourself is a recipe for stress and disaster.

2. Read a bride’s book on etiquette. This not only describes which way the invitation must face when you place it into the envelope but how to handle family and friend issues. It also will help you to pare down your guest list, which makes the wedding more manageable.

3. Make sure to exercise to reduce stress. Just go for a 20-minute walk in the evening. This doesn’t have to be a huge hike.

4. Schedule a once-a-month date with your fiancé and a time once a week for one hour where you will not talk about anything related to the wedding. Your fiancé is why you are getting married.

5. Finally, take a yoga class once a week if you are still stressed. Let your mind stop thinking so much. Relax.

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