Bridal Trends

Some may say love is in the air in 2015, but a lot of people are straying away from this awful clichés and coming up with something a bit more original. There’s a strong spirit of individuality that comes with the New Year as couples are fusing the traditional style with a personality all their own.


From heartfelt YouTube videos to selfies on invitations, it’s apparent that social media is changing the way people get married. And although it could get very tacky very quickly there are some ways to keep the world connected while staying classy. People spend plenty of money on professional photos for invitations, so why not make good use of them and pepper the invitation with more than one. Just make sure and pick out a few different poses, switch it up with an action shot or some quirky scenery to accompany the traditional shot.

Once the day arrives, social media lovers will want to make the atmosphere as beautiful as possible and the food as delicious as it is visually aesthetic. Also, subtly encourage people to take as many pictures as possible without seeming tacky. Put up a sign with a hashtag to use on Instagram. It won’t seem needy, but will plant the idea into their heads, like weddingception.

A slow-motion video booth is also social media gold, not too mention a vast improvement from an estranged relative walking around asking guests to share a few words of encouragement. We’d much rather see our friends and family having fun and making a fool of themselves in slow motion, and post it on YouTube and sharing it on Facebook.

Once it’s on the Internet, it’s eternal.


Having a vintage wedding isn’t an original idea, but the route taken can turn a boring theme into something spectacular. It can pull from the 1920s with glitz and glam or it can send us back to the 1970s with more of a punk fell, but the trend seems to lean towards a more thrift store, rustic theme. Having this type of wedding outside isn’t a prerequisite, but it’s definitely the norm. With candles hanging from trees that are already wrapped with white Christmas lights, and picnic tables without covers that are covered with tea light candles and fresh from the farm flowers thrown into simplistic vases.

A part of the vintage feel is not looking overworked or overpriced, which in itself can become expensive. The decorations bought at antique stores can rack up the bill, but the guests don’t have to know this. In the words of Dolly Parton “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

Even though the atmosphere of the wedding may be set in a vintage feel, the bride and groom won’t be looking dated. But collared dresses seem to taking over in 2015. An embroidered high-neck bodice with short sleeves and a simplistic silhouette can pull together the entire rustic feel to the wedding. Luckily, lace is in this year.


Florals, lace, ruffles and more florals, is what it takes to have a successful Bohemian wedding. But those things can fade into the background as long as the bride and groom are relaxed, comfortable and happy. It’s all about the love and having a good time.

Did we mention florals already? This year, many couples are taking advantage of greenery. Herbs like rosemary and mint, lemon leaf, magnolia leaf and ivy are being strung together and used in surprising ways. They can line the tables and chairs, or the dining menu. Also, lining the ceiling or sprucing up the chandelier, guests can feel like they entered a Colorado rainforest. Free spirited arrangements are also on a lot of minds this year. Florists have stopped designing around one flower, and are bunching ones that look like they were picked straight out of a garden.

A number of designers are sending wedding dresses down the aisle with a splash of color this year. Of course the classic white dress is still fresh, but adding a little color would add to the bohemian chic wedding.

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