Cake Wars: For the Love of Cake

The Sophisticake

For supreme elegance, the classic white cake rules supreme. But monochromatic layers look old fashioned if that’s all you do with it. That’s where Food Network Challenge winner Rachael Teufel and Intricate Icings raises a bride’s expectations to that of a lady. Be it a discreet design matching your invitations or a more bold statement cake shaped like your gown, Teufel’s specializes in edible flowers, scrollwork, lace, and pearls. Colorful and elaborately shaped bachelor cakes are no problem for this Erie bakery. Just don’t ask for anything sugar, gluten or luxury-free. Or cheap. Groom cakes start at $500, wedding and event cakes are $2,000 and up.

The Naked Cake

No butter cream, no fondant, done right, the deconstructed wedding cake looks earthy, rustic, and romantic. For the ultra modern or farm-to-table themed wedding, this newest look is not for beginning bakers. There’s no place for crumbles to hide, so make sure you use a moist batter or experienced bakery. Spiced cake with berries hints at an exciting, newlywed night. Keep the edges of cream holding the layers together extra smooth and even, then decorate with ultra fresh flowers and fruit for a more polished look.

Take this pastoral theme even further by going organic with Kim & Jake’s gluten-free cakes. Every cake starts out with no gluten, no soy, and no genetically modified ingredients. The Boulder couple locally source as much as possible. Vegan cakes are no problem and they have experience with a variety of allergy free recipes.

Cuter Than Cupcakes

Cake pops aka cake-on-a-stick, or cakeballs, keep a reception breezy, fun and reasonably priced. Cake Pops By Design in Westminster or Goblin’ City Bakery in Lakewood will take care of you.

The Goblins also carries a new treat called “Push Pops,” reminiscent of those ice cream pops you push up through a plastic holder, but… with… cake! Consider cake pops for kids at the reception so they don’t have to wait. Many bakeries now make cupcakes and minis in the same flavors as their regular cake, so ask if pops are on the menu.

Happy Cakes

Can’t let go of the cupcake craze yet? Happy Cakes Bakeshop in Longmont and Denver (The Today Show named them the seventh best cupcake shop in 2012) makes three sizes of cupcakes for $2-5 each. Their revolving menu makes your head spin.

Try Raspberry Chocolate S’mores on Mondays, French Toast or Maple Bacon on Wednesdays, or a specialty flavor like Infinite Monkey Perfect Pair. Check their website before planning your snack break. The Happies also make regular cakes for your happy day.

May You Never Hunger
May You Never Thirst

This blessing signifies safety, abundance, acceptance, trust. Historically, impending feuds were ended and new alliances made by the simple act of sharing and accepting food within an enemy’s’ household. No wonder wedding cakes continue to be the centerpiece of weddings and civil unions today.

For the Bride Who Can’t Decide

Pops and balls too casual for your taste but you still can’t decide on flavors? Lots of brides order smaller cakes for every table these days. Arrange your cakes up front on different sized pedestals then parcel them out after the cutting. This makes serving easier all around and impatient people from waiting. Place them close together for the appearance of one ginormous cake. One or two layers works best. A consistent look of cakes, say matching ribbons, limits a cluttered effect.

Indulge Bakery in Lafayette carries over a dozen flavors each of cake, filling and frosting to mix and match for hundreds of combinations. Indulge can mix it up even more by ordering plates of éclairs, tartlets, and brownie bits. Or Chocolate Covered Bacon. No need to say more

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