Wedding Products

Food trucks

The meal is one of the most important parts of the ceremony. So why not add a little twist to the traditional sit down meal. A food truck, which offers more than fried foods, can cater anything from salads to cupcakes and provide the reception with a delicious meal while keeps the guests on their feet and wandering. Having a couple different ones can keep the lines short and the options a plenty.


Couples are taking advantage of a number of ways to get their wedding immortalized in pictures, from GoPro’s in the brides bouquet, to photo and video booths at the reception. But if you want to capture the moment from every angle, invest in a drone for the afternoon and get aerial shots to capture not only the ceremony but the scenery. We suggest having an outdoor wedding if you opt for this innovative photographer.


Forget the hassle of getting all the bridesmaids together to choose flower arrangements and put together gift bags, there’s an app for it now. There’s TaskRabbit to take on any small to-dos, TouristEye to help plan the honeymoon itinerary, and The Knot Wedding Planner to find and get in touch with wedding pros if you run into a bit of planning emergency. Guests can also use their phones to catch a ride to and from the wedding with Uber or Lyft. Everything is just at the tips of our fingers. Just don’t be rude and leave your phone on during the ceremony.

The Cheese Cake

You might be thinking what we are, who would replace their wedding cake with cheese? Well, a surprising amount of people who are looking to satisfy their guests dietary restrictions. With so many people turning to a gluten free diet, the traditional cake is not edible. (And no one really enjoys a gluten free cake.) So why not serve cheese at the reception, rehearsal or bridal shower? Jest sprinkle it with grapes and figs, and let your guests enjoy some gluten free “dessert.”

Detachable Train

There’s something very classic, and dramatic about a long train stretching behind a bride as she walks down the aisle, but anything after the ceremony the train becomes nothing more than a hassle. So take it off after the dramatic post marriage walk down the aisle and be free. The detachable train was seen on many bridal runways, and works like hair extensions, just clip it off whenever it’s time to dance, or walk somewhere other than down the aisle.

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