Weddings are a breeze ... or they can be

Weddings, huh? You’ll get a different opinion about their merits depending on who you ask, and that’s because everybody does it slightly, or perhaps radically, differently. It’s a chance to express your personalities openly and perhaps extravagently in front of your nearest and dearest. Stress can get to the best of us with so much planning to do, but that really defeats the object – to celebrate love. Nobody needs weeks of misery leading up to one day of celebration. We can help you make the whole thing fun.

Some people want a very traditional, very expensive, white doves and big dress with open bar and six courses wedding. Others, like former YS production guru Trisha Himmler, want the most basic of ceremonies. Some want a big, multi-tiered cake, while others want to dress as characters from The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. You’ll read about all of those things and more in this, our most recent Brides section of Colorado Brides & Babies.

There are many approaches that can be taken to weddings – that’s kind of the beauty of them. There’s no wrong answer, unless you’re going ahead with a wedding that you don’t really want. If you’re being bullied into a ceremony, service and/or reception by overbearing parents and/or in-laws, then you’re doing it wrong. It’s your day – the brides and grooms in question. The only opinions that matter are yours. Please remember this, because it may be the most important thing you’ll be told prior to your wedding.

So in this magazine, you’ll read about all manner of different weddings. You’ll read about some of the delicious cake ideas that are out there, beyond the norm. Our own Betsy Abbott had a blast sampling some of those beauties. We also offer some invaluable tips for planning your reception, and your honeymoon. You have enough to think about as your wedding approaches, so let Yellow Scene take some of the weight off of you. Stretch your mind to at least consider a few things outside of the traditional and, who knows, you might get a little nugget of inspiration. Maybe you’ll get some good ideas, or maybe you’ll just have fun reading about the whacky things that people do.

Either way, enjoy.

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