A Gypsy Wedding

Colorado photographer and wedding planner Laura Pearson of L Elizabeth Events loves to do things differently. And you can tell with this gypsy-inspired shoot she hosted this spring. While TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is all about giant pink gowns with tons of “bling,” Pearson and company create a more romantic, vintage style with rich colors, a mixture of textures and a lots of embellishments.













“I was just browsing through photos online,” Pearson said, “and I came across a photo of a scene in grassy area that was very bohemian but different: rich tapestries and all these beautiful candles hanging. “The first thing I thought of was an old gypsy camp. I thought it was so cool.”

Pearson was attracted to the culture, creativity and beauty of old gypsy lore.

“They were artistic,” she said. “They loved love and life.”

It all served as an inspiration for the shoot, which she says can offer a lot of inspiration for brides to be.

“It has threads of bohemian—which is very popular with the vintage thing going on—but it’s different,” she says. “This shoot might be over the top, and brides might not see themselves having a full gypsy theme wedding. But I hope they take what is extravagant and use pieces of it: the tapestry or the lighting or the dramatic make-up. Though, I do love to see couples weave a strong theme into their weddings.”

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