The Era of the Bride

Trends come and go, and tradition—if it’s possible—seems like a passing fad. At least when it comes to the modern wedding.

Dessert bars, balloons, ombre. My grandma would’ve flipped if she’d seen burlap as a wedding decoration. My mom could’ve never predicted feathers as a trend in wedding gowns. Though, admittedly, my mom did wear a navy blue pantsuit to her wedding (silly hippie!).

With that said, vintage is also huge these days. But what makes it new, unpredictable and so non-traditional is that modern brides are fearless and full of gumption. They want weddings that are different. They want weddings that reflect who they are. Inarguably, the biggest trend in weddings is individuality, and I’d predict it’s a trend that will actually stay.

This turn toward individuality is likely a product of the accessibility to and the transfer of wedding images and styles. Blogs, reality TV, Pinterest and magazines have become mechanisms for sharing, trading, spreading and celebrating trends. Along with a serious push for DIY accoutrements and handmade touches (or at least, touches that look handmade), media has changed the way we plan our own weddings. Receptions are now an outlet for our personal creativity—heck, your personal brand—and just another way for us to be on trend. But the dissemination of wedding stuff has also created a standard, one that is certainly meant to be topped. It’s one-upmanship, sure, and it allows us to explore different approaches to creating a
beautiful wedding.

When we were working on our “Colorado-ized Wedding Cakes” feature for this issue, we sat down with Intricate Icings’ owner Rachael Teufel to talk about the photo shoot. I loved hearing her preach about the industry. Her business model fits so well with what is happening right now: Teufel works with clients who want unique cakes. Clients don’t pick their cake out of a giant, old, sticky binder of bad photos. She works with each bride and groom to develop a cake that reflects their wedding and their personalities.

“I don’t want to do the same cake over and over,” she said. “I want it to be fun.”

Teufel hasn’t done a sheet cake in years. She says brides want something unique and exaggerated: a cake that mimics her dress, cakes that reflect their lifestyle whether its bike-riding or beer, a cake with the table runner pattern embossed into the fondant.

Sure, it’s a monumentally personal day that’s really all about love and commitment, so we can’t over-do it on the trendiness thing. But showing your personality is the way to celebrate the beginning of your married life. It’s the best kind of trend.

One thing is for sure: It’s a beautiful time to be a bride. 

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