Knots & Bolts: Gear for the modern Colorado bride

Voodoo Doughnuts

For over ten years Voodoo Doughnuts has been the Mecca for intrepid pastry aficionados in Portland, Oregon. Their oddball approach breaks all confection conventions, producing doughnuts that both shock and please the palate: bacon, Oreo, Tums (yes, the stomach soother), Cap’n Crunch, you name it. Now, they’ve opened up the first non-Oregon shop, in Denver—and they cater weddings. You can create your own doughnut spread or have the gastronomy geniuses at Voodoo conjure up their own mix, if you dare. Since the pastries cover the entire spectrum of savory and sweet, you might not even need the usual salty finger food for the reception.

The shop only opened in December, so you could be one of the first in the metro area to shake up your wedding with a little dose of voodoo. 1520 East Colfax Avenue,, 303.597.3666

Delicate Soles

Unless you’ve given up on high heels entirely, at some point on your big day you’ll be switching from the stiletto look to something more comfortable. Enter rollable flats, from Delicate Soles. The flexible shoes literally roll up to fit in your purse, so you (or your maid of honor) don’t have to hold an extra pair or stash them away in a corner to grab before the first dance. Plus, with Delicate Soles you don’t have to trade aesthetics for accessibility. Designs range from snakeskin to chrome, and appear leather despite weighing only a few ounces and rolling up to the size of a lipstick tube. To sweeten the deal, Delicate Soles donates a portion of every sale to Share Your Soles, a charity that provides footwear to children in developing countries. The Bridal Collection in Denver and Green Mountain Yoga in Arvada carry many styles.

Video Booths

A lot of brides say their big day went by like it was in slow motion. Well, if you rent a high definition slow motion video booth for your reception, that feeling can be a reality. A new take on the classic photo booth, video booths capture all the spontaneous shenanigans of the family, then slow it down to a snail’s crawl. Imagine Uncle Wally being doused with glitter, or your long lost cousin spilling champagne as he tries to moonwalk for the camera—not a single goofy grimace is lost. With up to fourteen people fitting in the spacious “booth,” there will be no grumpy guests waiting in line. Interactive Entertainment Group (1-866-871-2825) and Slow Motion Booth (1-855-4SLOW-MO) are two companies that service the Front Range and Denver metro area. It’ll run you more than a classic (boring) photo booth, but if you were considering a wedding video, this is the perfect replacement.


Most people use GoPro cameras to record ski runs at breakneck speed, or mountain bike tumbles, or a daring skydive out of an airplane. But some techy brides are putting the miniature device inside their bouquet to get exclusive first person footage of their wedding day’s highlights. With the unnoticeable camera tucked among the petals, you can capture the walk down the aisle, the ceremony (from the point of view of the maid of honor), and, of course, the bouquet toss.

There are several lines of GoPros available, ranging in price. The brand new Hero3 starts at $199.95, but some of the older models are available for much less. Along the Front Range, you can find the camera at The New Anchorage in Lyons, Mike’s Camera in Boulder, and at any of the Christy Sports locations, among others. And you’ll easily find ways to use it after the big day, too. After all, it is “The World’s Most Versatile Camera.”

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