Fruit Full

Selecting your wedding centerpiece can often feel like comparing apples and oranges…especially if your centerpiece is apples and oranges. Increasingly, we are seeing fruit, herbs, succulents and even branches or pine cones as table décor. We are in the era of the non-traditional bride, so flowers and vases are no longer the star of the table. Our only suggestion? If you pick a fruity theme, commit to it. Having a few pieces of produce peppered around the room isn’t going to do it. Pack glass or clear plastic bowls with fruit and flowers or leaves, or fill a glass cylinder with oranges and top with water. Or nuzzle piles of apples up around cake stands or drink displays. It’s low-hanging fruit, grab it!

Going Solo

The newest trend in bridal parties? It’s not mix-and-match dresses, nor is it suspenders and newsy hats. “Many couples are ditching the bridal party!” said Heather Allen of Table 6 Productions. “We love this. It makes things much simpler.” Yes, the biggest and most tradition-defying craze this year is nixing your bridesmaids and groomsmen altogether. This brazen act could make your parents shutter, but it puts an emphasis on the bride and the groom. Simplicity is key here, and the maid-less bride won’t have her buddies by her side—but she’ll have a less complicated road to hoe.

Green Weddings

Every year, Pantone, which touts itself as the global authority on color, has announced that emerald will hold the title of Pantone Color of 2013, taking the reigns from 2012’s tangerine. Pantone describes this year’s queen as “vivid, verdant green.” As tangerine definitely made its mark in 2012 weddings, we expect emerald to do the same. And what color could possibly be more perfect for a Colorado wedding? Consider mixing emerald with other shades of green to create an ode to Mother Nature. Or pair with dark blue to add a bit of more collegiate look or with an azure and yellow for a spring spectacular.

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