Hen Night

Sometimes the planning is the hardest part, so here are some helpful hints to keep in mind as you create the perfect bachelorette bash.

Traditionally, the bachelorette party is planned and thrown by the maid-of-honor.

Do not plan this girls’ night out for the night before the wedding if the wedding is at 10am.

Make sure everyone, especially the bride, has eaten before going out and drinking all night. Plan for appetizers at the pre-party.

Do not invite the bride-to-be’s mother—enough said.

Don’t order a cake with blue frosting (unless your goal is to have a blue mouth).

Call the bar or club in advance to get on a list and to ask about any special perks for bachelorette parties.

Plan games and bring silly accessories. Think funny nametags, a deck of bachelorette dare cards or bride bingo to make the bachelorette party stand apart from girls’ night.

Keep your bride in mind. If she’s a Charlotte, don’t take her to a strip club. If she is more of a Samantha, well, bring it on.

If the bride is a big music fan, check out who’s playing at local venues.

For something different, check out cocktail-making classes from one of the area’s noted mixologists, such as James Lee at Boulder’s Bitter Bar.

Think about transportation when deciding where to go. A limo is perfect for doting on the bride, and a party bus is even better.

Plan a few stops; you don’t want the bride to get bored and want to go home early.

Make sure at least one person in the group is at least partially aware of what’s happening as the night goes on. Nobody actually wants to live the Hangover, part I or part II.

Don’t bring any drama into the night. The night is strictly about the bride, so unless it’s her who is crying and having a crisis, leave it at home.

Let the bride have an amazing time, maybe even a night she won’t remember. But, make sure that she doesn’t do anything that will put the wedding in jeopardy, or at least delete the pictures.

Make sure someone takes pictures! Chances are no one will remember anything and it’ll be fun to reminisce later…much later.

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